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In Memory of Tamarack Je Fe April 18, 1986-January 26, 2002

Je Fe from the side Je Fe was a classic example of the Andalusian Stallion. His conformation reads like the breed description from an equestrian encyclopedia. Spirited and very much a stallion, yet loving and well behaved when being handled, Lois observed him as a colt next to his dam’s side and followed his progress for a year and a half before making an offer – ending up purchasing him and his older brother. A family friend and veterinarian, Doc, helped in deciding which would make the best for breeding stock.

This wonderful colt grew to become an outstanding sire, with his foals sharing the good temperament, beautiful conformation and willingness to work. It is a tribute to Je Fe that many of his offspring not only have competed successfully in various disciplines, but the farm has had frequent requests for permission to use photos of him and his get as examples of Andalusian excellence.

It is heartbreaking to lose any animal you love, but to have one so special taken by a disease that seems to especially target grey horses seems unfair. The classic Andalusian is historically a beautiful grey animal with flowing mane and tail. Yet, the very color that makes these horses so striking is their downfall. Statistics show that more than 80% of grey horses will develop melanoma during their lifetime. Usually the melanomas are benign, slow-growing tumors and are more unsightly than dangerous. They may remain that way for years, but with each tumor there is the possibility that it will change to a malignant growth. The underside of the tail, the perineal and peri-anal regions, and the penis and sheath in males are the most common locations for melanomas to sprout. Melanomas also can spread internally, most commonly affecting the surfaces of the liver, spleen, and lungs.

Because of this high rate of cancer in the grey horses, Tamarack Stables Rivers Edge has made the decision to introduce and breed with a bay Andalusian stallion. Partron demi Carazon, affectionately called “Bubba,” is Pure Spanish Andalusian and is registered with the International Andalusian and Lusitano Association. We are expecting the first foals sired by him in Spring 2002. Making certain of a dark gene on either the sire or dam side will help to lower the incidence of premature melanoma occurrences.

Tamarack Je Fe lives on in our memories. A true gentleman in every way, his presence will be felt for years to come as we see his daughters frolicking with their foals, hopefully bay and black replicas of their grandfather.

Je Fe is 2002 Horse of the Year

Tamarack Je Fe - born 4/18/86 #S000970 Implant # 410419293D - Blood typed # 90-02983. Many of the horses, seen throughout this web site are his offspring. 

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Je Fe as a colt

Je Fe kisses all the girls!

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To see short digital video clips of Je Fe and our other horses, visit our Movies page by clicking here.

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